Çanakkale-Yenice region is located in Western Anatolia. Enther Enerji has geothermal license areas in two different locations in this region. The geothermal source in the region has been used in bath and bath-like facilities since ancient times. So far, Enther Enerji has carried out studies of geology, geochemistry and geophysics (gravity & magnetic, magnetotelluric, seismic) in the region. As a result of these studies, it was determined that this region is very high in terms of geothermal energy potential. Geothermal exploration and business licenses located in the south of the region are seen as high priority and research studies are continued with deep and shallow wells. Our licenses in the Yenice region are spreading over a very wide area (24,000 Hectares) and it aims to achieve a great energy potential together with the investments to be made upon the accomplishment of recent studies.

The main goal of the company is to establish a power plant in order to provide the added value to our country by discovering the highest temperature in this geothermal area by digging 3500 meters deep drillings. The environmental awareness and respect for local life which are the general visions of Enther Enerji will always be a priority while realizing this goal.

Yenice region is rich in soil fertility with an extraordinary natural beauty. Strawberry production and red pepper production are very common in the region. One of the other objectives of our company is to establish modern greenhouses by increasing the current short-term productivity to twelve months.