Enther Enerji San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

Enther Enerji was founded in 2015. The aim of the company is to invest in geothermal, biomass and solar energy. R&D activities are carried out in the field of biomass and solar energy and there is no investment yet. The main field of business of the company is geothermal energy and there are two business licenses and thirteen exploration licenses in Yenice, Kösedere and Tuzla in Çanakkale. In addition, there are five exploration licenses in Niğde and Aksaray in total.

The primary goal of Enther Enerji’s geothermal investments is to establish a power plant. It also aims to establish greenhouses with high added value products in some exploration licenses. In addition, it carries out several different R&D on geothermal.

Engin Kale is the founder of Enther Enerji and has experience in business life for fifty years. The businessman with investments abroad in the field of textile entered the renewable energy sector in 2015.

Enther Enerji’s current team consists of ten people: two geological engineers, two drilling engineers, and people who work in the department of business development and finance. It gets technical support from the best academicians of Turkey.